Eyes-on / Prototype 2

Most of what we have seen from the upcoming  Prototype 2 has been pre-rendered and cinematic, showing off the story of the upcoming sequel. That story, as convoluted as it is, is pretty basic: a guy named Heller loses his family because of the Blackwatch security forces, making him seek revenge on Mercer – the protagonist in the original game. The tables soon turn and Heller is all super powered up with the same virus Mercer carries and it’s payback time, with pretty much everyone owing a debt. Yesterday, we got to see a bit of the collections process in action during a PAX preview event at which Activision showed off a bit of the game.

It must be said that while the gameplay was still pre-alpha, Prototype 2 looked and behaved better than some games currently on shelves at full retail price. Starting off, the demo showed Heller, the main character in this installment, stalking a victim to complete a mission. Said mission, taking place in one of three different areas, was supposed to be a stalk-and-kill type, but the demo person decided to make it a bit interesting. After finding out who was watching who, Heller eliminated all the enemies by ‘pinging’ those around him and taking out the enemies watching and then those who were being watched. After being spotted, the troops were called in, with guns and rockets and helicopters. Heller dispatched them easily by jumping onto the helicopter, hijacking it, and letting loose a barrage of gunfire below.

When he wasn’t busy hijacking aircraft, Heller could also do massive damage with his melee attacks, especially since Prototype 2 now allows players to use two special attacks instead of just the one, as in the previous game. That, as well as improved skill upgrades and more sustained hovering time cause  the game to jump up several notches to a serious contender for must-buy status in my book. The original game was a great play through, but seemed a bit over anxious; throwing everything it could muster at the player. This edition tones that down with three very different areas: green, yellow and red. Each with their own look and feel. And dangers.

Bottom line? The game is just pretty and, without being able to put hands to controller, looks like it plays as well as it looks.