Losing helps Battlefield 3 beat Modern Warfare 3

DICE continue to add to their long list of ‘Why Battlefield 3 > Modern Warfare 3‘ this week, with the topic of losing online brought up.

Speaking to OXM, executive producer Patrick Bach said: “It’s a different mindset – again, it’s all about personalities. We want our game to be enjoyable even when you’re losing.

“If it’s not fun when you lose, then you only have 50 per cent of the players enjoying the game. If it’s fun to lose, though, then you can end up last in the scoreboard and still feel like it was a great round.”

Bach didn’t elaborate on just why being shot, stabbed and blown up will equate for a “great round”, but hopefully we’ll find out for ourselves in a few months.

Continuing the feud, Bach went on to call BF3 the “gourmet meal” to CoD‘s “hotdog”.

“You might make more money on the hotdog,” Bach exampled. “But why would I want to work making hotdogs? If it’s only for the money, is it really worth it? We wouldn’t make Battlefield it couldn’t be the game that we’re building.”

That’s all well and good but which shooter is our chocolate cake? That’s the one we want to play.