NASA working on new MMO

While there’s been a number of attempts at portraying Mars in games before, particularly by the now virtually canned Red Faction franchise, we’d bet NASA would be the one to show us how Mars really looks like. And the moon. And beyond.

That said, NASA isn’t the one developing Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond. Project Whitecard Studios and Virtual Heroes of Applied Research Associates are, powering the game with Epic’s Unreal Engine and most likely, based on NASA’s extensive research. This is an MMO meant to be fun and “last forever,” but also an adventure that will teach us a thing or two about space. The game features “mission-based space exploration, providing exciting player vs. environment and compelling team vs. team play.”

Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond‘s Kickstarter is in full motion and need to reach $25k to get the go-ahead. As it stands, it’s closing in on the 20k mark. There are plenty on incentives for people to make a pledge too so if anyone’s feeling generous, check it out.

The game will be out for PC, Mac and iOS devices.