3DS’s free NES games revealed

News of the 3DS price cut also came with a promise from Nintendo that those who brought the handheld before the cut would be treated to 20 classic games, free of charge. We’ve now got the complete list of NES titles that will be included (via Eurogamer), making up for half of the full list. There are a few highlights in there, including two Zelda and two Mario titles:

– Super Mario Bros.
– Donkey Kong Jr.
– Balloon Fight
– Ice Climber
– The Legend of Zelda
– Wrecking Crew
– Mario Open Golf
– Mario & Yoshi
– Metroid
– Zelda: Adventures of Link

These games should be available from September 1, so later this week. The other 10 titles will be taken from the Game Boy Advance library, though they’re yet to be revealed. They will be available before year’s end, however.

What do you make of the list? Happy with 10 free games? Any surprises? Or is it slightly predictable?