Portal 2 PC outsells console

First-person puzzler Portal 2 performed better on PC than it did on consoles, Valve’s revealed. And it came as a surprise even to the developer itself.

“We can never predict; I mean we just try to build good games and then we tend to be surprised,” Valve bossman Gabe Newell told Gamasutra (via) when asked which way he think sales of recently announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might sway.

“Portal 2 did better on the PC than it did on the consoles; Left 4 Dead did better on the consoles than it did on the PC. So you know we don’t try to guess, because we’re not sure what value there is to guessing. We’ve never had a situation where we said, ‘We really, really want to build something that is more popular for the console guys.’

“Because usually we have a bunch of other higher priority problems we want to solve. So we’re glad that people want to play our games wherever they want to play.”

Newell’s previously said that the game has sold around 3 million copies, all platforms combined. That was before the PC version’s price was slashed to $30 though.