Borderlands 2 is one third bigger than original

Borderlands 2 is coming up with all the usual ‘better than the first’ sequel chat, and now we’ve learned from Destructoid (via) that the game will be a third bigger than Gearbox’s original.

“It is definitely a bigger world this time around. I’d say we built about a third more space than we had in the last game,”  art director Jeramy Cooke told the site.

“Scale is so important for a world like this. It’s about exploring. It’s about what are you going to find around that next corner,” he said of the decision to include a mini-map on screen this time around.

“To me, when you see that little blip on the distant mountain peak, I gotta get over there now! There’s gonna be a gun there for me. That’s what I want.”

He continued, switching to the topic of the overworld: “It’s all very seamless and we worked very hard to connect each space to the others in a logical way.

“For instance when you’re seeing the top of the dam in the demo, you’re looking off into the deserts in the South, and if you look to the other side you’re gonna see the frozen wastelands on the other side. It’s all totally connected.”

Clearly the game won’t be stuck in the barren deserts of the original. “We just decided okay well we need to go out and explore the rest of Pandora,” Cooke explained. “So you get grass, you get ice, you get volcanoes.

“You were basically in the mid-West of Pandora before, and now you’re gonna head North, and also South-east a little bit. We actually worked really hard on the world map, the level design really loves this stuff, really takes care of it. So we locate every map in a real spot on the continent of Pandora.”

Look for Borderlands 2 to take us to new places and kill new people in 2012.