New site gearing up for Resident Evil 6 reveal?

Evidence of Resident Evil 6 is piling up, and now – just a few weeks before Tokyo Game Show – we’ve got a big, big tease.

A site for the Umbrella Corporation, the company behind the dreaded T-Virus that turns humans into flesh eating zombies, has been set up. Remain on the first page for long enough and you’ll be taken elsewhere to find the beginnings of a viral game that could well lead to a reveal of a new Resident Evil game. Players will have to scour the internet for clues before coming up with an answer.

Umbrella was thought dealt with ever since Resident Evil 4‘s opening movie, which suggests that this reveal could well be the reboot the series is expected to be given.

The timing of all the rumors, the appearance of this website and the approaching TGS all seem a bit too well placed; this has got to be the reveal, hasn’t it?