No-kills possible in Dishonored

Are you the humanitarian type? Then you’ll be pleased to know that – even with all those swords – you can make it through Arkane’s Dishonored without getting stabby and killing anyone.

“Our goal is to let you ghost the game. The extreme extremes are slaughter everyone, high chaos, or ghost the game. You can actually complete the game without killing anyone,” co-creative director Harvey Smith told IGN (via).

But you’re an assassin; how could that possible work? “For all the key targets, all the assassination targets, there are more thorough behind-the-scenes alternate ways to eliminate them,” Smith continued.

“Very few people will be at either extreme. Most will be somewhere in the middle, trying to set up a plan, trying to be sneaky then it all goes to hell. It gets messy for a while but then they try to rein it in. Whether they care about keeping things precise and surgical or not will probably dictate whether they’re high chaos or low chaos.”

There’s still a while to go before Dishonored releases and we’ve still got a lot to learn about the game, but it’s reassuring to know that it will offer this much depth at this early stage in development.