Sony 3D visor hits Japan in November

Welcome to the future, friends. Here we eat creamed moon dust and play space frisbee (which isn’t very easy). We also watch our TV shows through 3D visors, courtesy of Sony.

You have to go back to the past now, but you can get a taste of this wonderful future (expect for the killer giant ants, of course) in just a few short months in Japan, as Sony launch that very visor in the country. It shoves two 720p OLED screens right into your eyes for 2D and 3D images. It’s recommended for ages 15 and up, and moving with the display on could well cause sickness. Don’t worry, we’ve perfected the tech in the future, of course.

While there’s nothing to announce now, it will be used for gaming one day (we’re under space-embargoes, so we can’t say).

We must go now, as we fear we’ve run this joke into the ground. See you in the year 2067 for Modern Warfare 45 on that visor!