Sony reveal new Entertainment Network service

Sony are combining the PlayStation Network with other digital services like Qriocity to form the Sony Entertainment Network, a new platform that will streamline content for consumers, CNET reports (via).

Along with PSN and Qriocity – now re-branded as Music Unlimited – the service will include Video Unlimited and third party support from the likes of Hulu Plus, Netflix, iPlayer and Lovefilm. Basically a place to find all of the stuff the PS3 can do in one place, then.

The company revealed the platform at IFA consumer electronics expo in Berlin where Kaz Hirai, consumer products head said: “We’re leveraging the biggest asset, the Sony brand, to establish [a] comprehensive, global platform called Sony Entertainment Network,” further adding that the move will “accelerate the integration of hardware, content, and network.”

“The whole of Sony is greater than the sum of its parts,” he explained.

Will this have much effect on PS3 gamers? Probably not, but we’ll see over the coming months.