Why no Elder Scrolls MMO, Bethesda?

An MMO based on Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls world has been rumored, desired. But according to Game Director/Executive Producer Todd Howard, who indicated as much at PAX last week, don’t go marking any calendars just yet.

“I like this kind of game better,” he told Joystiq of November’s Skyrim. “You know, it’s what most of us are into. I’m not really an MMO guy. I respect them, I look at them, but I don’t play them. It feels more real to me when I’m the hero and it’s crafted for that. A community aspect to it, I recognize a lot of people would want that in a game like this, but it changes the flavor for me.”

Bethesda parent Zenimax has been making preparations towards SOME kind of an MMO, however, having opened an MMO customer service in Ireland earlier in the year. What game it’ll support remains a mystery.

Going by Hines’ words at least, it sounds as if the Oblivion/Skyrim team won’t be developing should ZeniMax be eyeing to expand the famed RPG universe.