Capcom gunning for “acquisitions and partnerships” overseas

In a note to investors, Capcom explained its latest tactics to expand to Western markets by “aggressively” pursuing opportunities to acquire or partner with companies in order to “increase our market share overseas.”

“Acquisitions and partnerships are one of the important strategies for increasing our market share overseas,” writes Capcom. “We aggressively seek the opportunities of acquisitions and partnerships for the purposes of creating game content with universal market appeal and acquiring technologies and know-how required for our ‘Single Content Multiple Usage’ strategy.”

The note made it very clear that Capcom has no interest in merging with any Japanese companies as it wouldn’t do anything for the company in the West.

“A merger with a large Japanese game or toy manufacturer is not being considered as a serious option since it would not make a significant contribution to growth in our overseas sales. Furthermore, this type of merger also poses the risk of limiting our activities involving the licensing of game content.”

The Japanese giant also stated any takeover bids would most likely and promptly encourage employee departures, decreasing the value of the acquired company in question, which is why it would rather prefer partnerships which could eventually lead to a proper acquisition in the future.