More “intelligent use” of Kinect if integrated into next Xbox — Epic

Epic Games senior technical artist and designer Alan Willard has had a thing or two to say about Microsoft’s motion sensing technology, which primarily boils down to games being able  to take better advantage of what the Kinect has to offer if it was to be integrated right into the next Xbox. This way, developers would not be “window dressing” core Kinect functionalities, but actually adapt and bring “sensible integration” between its interface and the game itself.

“With first party games where you can’t rely on the hardware being there, there’s a problem because you end up doing things that don’t actually contribute to the game,” said Willard. “Essentially just window dressing. Once we know that we can rely on it, we can integrate it into the game at a much deeper level.

“I think you’ll see more sensible integration between the Kinect interface and the design in Kinect games that began development after Kinect came out,” and added that “right now Kinect is a peripheral, but if next generation it’s integrated, I think you’ll get a lot more games that make intelligent use of it because they can rely on it being there.”