Battlefield 3 claims two 360 discs

Hachimaki, a Japanese blog (via) has snapped a photo of a promotional poster for Battlefield 3 that suggests the shooter will come on two discs on Xbox 360, as opposed to one Blu-ray on PS3.

If true, it would prove testament to the power of DICE’s super-shooter on consoles, as it’s mostly larger, open-world titles that claim more than one disc on the console, L.A. Noire being the most recent example.

How would the disc swapping work? One disc for campaign, one for multiplayer? We know that the campaign will be a six(ish) hour long one, so it would seem odd to swap discs at the three hour mark.

We’ll find out when Battlefield 3 launches on October 25 in the US and October 28 in the EU.