Bad Company 2 DLC 50% off this week

If you haven’t yet jumped aboard the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC train, here’s probably your best (cheapest) remaining chance to do so.

Several add-on packs, including the Vietnam multiplayer expansion and the cooperative Onslaught maps, are going for cheap on Xbox live this week. The aforementioned additions plus the VIP pass (which grants access to all the multiplayer map packs released), the Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack and SPECACT Upgrade Bundle, and even a Vietnam theme are right now available for half the usual asking price.

Here are the detailed prices:

– Onslaught Mode (200 MS Points)
– BFBC2 Vietnam (600 MS Points)
– Bad Company 2 VIP (400 MS Points)
– Kit Short-cut Bundle Pack (600 MS Points)
– SPECACT Upgrade Bundle (240 MS Points)
– Bad Company 2 Vietnam Theme (120 MS Points)

The deal’s good until Monday, September 12th.