Innovation being “crushed” by AAA titles

Tameem Antoniades, one of the founders of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory has hit out at the current AAA-heavy model seen in the industry, stating that innovation is suffering at the hands of such titles.

In an interview with Antoniades was asked about developing smaller titles with less risk. Referencing digital titles, he said: “It’s such an opportunity for fun creative games to reach a target audience, there’s this stranglehold that the AAA retail model has which I think is just crushing innovation and access to creative content.

“If you’re paying that much for a game, you don’t want to take chances,” he explained. “You want everything to be there, all the feature sets. You want it to be a known experience, guaranteed fun. That’s not healthy.”

Is Antoniades right? Should disc-based titles even be a venue for true innovation anymore or do they belong in the realms of digital downloads and apps?