Second 3DS nub peripheral is actually real. Really.

Even though they came from a valid source, we scoffed at the rumors that Nintendo were planning to add a second analog nub to the 3DS via a peripheral. But get this; it’s actually real. Like really real. As in, something that’s actually happening.

IGN has the proof via a scan from the latest issue of Japanese mag Famitsu. The peripheral snaps onto the system, placing the second nub next to the face buttons on the right. This will add between one and two centimeters of thickness to the system’s sides and back. Right now it’s named “The Expansion Slide Pad,” though you can expect that name to change before it reaches West.

Nintendo are holding a press conference later this week, so expect more official details like pricing and dates then.

If we refer back to the original source of this rumor, then it looks like an updated 3DS model with the second nub built in is coming, and the company will be downplaying the focus on 3D. Wowzers.