Ubisoft developing Dark Quest for Vita

Famitsu has lifted the lid on a new Ubisoft game coming to PS Vita named Dark Quest, Siliconera reports.

We say lifted the lid, we mean more opened it a bit and had a quick peep inside, as the title is about all we know right now. Other Vita games that featured in the mag’s preview include:

  • Ragnarok Odyssey
  • Sumioni
  • Shinobido 2
  • Dream Club Zero Portable
  • Moe Moe Taisen Gendaiban ++
  • Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony
  • Rayman Origins

We already knew about a good deal of those, though it’s interesting to note that Ragnarok Odyssey is developed by Gamearts, the team behind Silpheed, Grandia and Lunar. It’s a four-player game where friends team up to take down huge opponents, similar to Monster Hunter.

Expect to hear more on all of these titles at the Tokyo Game Show next week.