Battlestar Galactica at 5mil registrants

Bigpoint MMO Battlestar Galactica has sucked in over 5 million players since its launch earlier in the year, the company’s announced.

The free-to-play browser-based MMO launched only in this February, so that’s quite the rapid growth.

To keep the momentum going and content growing, additional in-game goods have been announced as well.

“To bolster the available fleet, a new line of Fleet Recon ships will soon become available for both Colonial and Cylon players,” the official word reads.

Here’s a bit more detail: “Armed with the ability to Jump-To-Target in proximity of an erupting battle, these light freighters are built to aid in combat as Recon versions of the series’ classic Raptor and Heavy Raider.

“Beginning mid-September, basic models of both vessels will be obtainable with Cubits, BSGO’s in-game premium currency that can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money, along with advanced models that will enable greater mission flexibility. The recently unveiled Brimir Class Carrier is also scheduled to become available this fall, though its size, complexity, and impact on game balance must be optimized before its general release.”