Max Payne 3 development cost $105m, estimates analyst

Bullet time. It’s been out of fashion for so long that it’s about time for a revival. Just like leggings. Who better to bring back diving through the air at a snail’s pace than Rockstar’s own renegade cop, Max Payne? But it would also appear that there’s a financial to dive through as the upcoming gun-a-thon has so far cost an estimated $105 million to develop.

This estimation comes from Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia who also claims that to even make a profit back, at least four million copies will need to be sold. Despite this challenging target to aim for (possibly with two pistols), Bhatia sees this as one that can be reached: “Life-to-date, the Max Payne franchise has sold through 7M units between the two prior versions — Max Payne and Max Payne 2. We think the latest iteration, Max Payne 3, has greater potential for success than either of the two prior versions.”

So will Rockstar continue their streak of success, or will Max Payne 3 mark the company’s inevitable slowdown? Until then, we’ll have to wait until March next year for the smoke to clear.