TGS rumors aplenty- Yakuza 5 Vita, Bayonetta, Sonic Wii U

The Tokyo Game Show is this week and as is customary before any show of this caliber, announcement rumors have started to flood the internet.

The most exciting of the bunch comes from SEGA fansite TSSZ (via), which is citing its own sources in three separate rumors. The first of the lot is that Yakuza 5announced a few weeks back –  will be a PS Vita title, something that seems likely given the lack of a platform for the title thus far.

Now get ready for the big guns; SEGA are possibly prepping a Bayonetta announcement for the big show. No info on if this is sequel, prequel or spin-off, but that’s bound to get a load of fans pumped.

Last but not least are Sonic Generations rumblings. The blue bullet’s latest is already heading to PS3, 360 and 3DS, but Wii U and Vita releases are on the cards too. If true, this would be the console version of Generations heading to Sony’s handheld, not a port of the 3DS one.

That’s more than enough teasing for now. TGS kicks off proper on September 15, so be back at your screen then.