The Witcher 3 in the cards?

Witcher series developer CD Projekt may be headed towards a third game. The company’s Jan Bartkowic certainly suggested as much in a recent chat with (via).

Likening the RPG series to Pirates of the Caribbean — “where the first [has a] self-contained story, the later is unchangeable, but then you think, it should be a trilogy” — Bartkowic told the site: “The end of The Witcher 2 is the beginning of much larger events.”

A since-removed call for a game designer on the careers page over at also mentioned that “knowledge about The Witcher lore is a plus,” further suggesting that a third installment may be in the works, which the studio may hint at again next week; CDP is holding a conference next Thursday, on the 22nd, where it says it may “even hint at some of what’s coming in 2012!”