Aliens: Colonial Marines brings new Xenomorphs, plenty of scares

When you’re essentially adding a new chapter to a saga as well-loved as Aliens, you’ve got to be very careful. One wrong move and in fans eyes you’ll be as dead as a member of the Nostromo.

But Gearbox know this, and that’s why they’re moving to reassure fans that any directions they take in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines will stay true to the franchise.

But what do they have in store? “We’re probably going to explore what you can do with the Xenomorphs,” Brian Cozzens explained to GotGame at Penny Arcade Expo last week. “You saw the Charger already in our demo. But we still want that to be true to the franchise, you know. We don’t want to be too silly or gimmicky about it. No gorilla aliens or anything silly.”

But Aliens is more than just cool monsters ripping people’s guts out. The sense of dread and atmosphere that the first two films can create is unmatched. That comes from more than just action. “It’s interesting because the fans online – we love listening to what the fans are saying, the fans of Gearbox, fans of Alien – we’ve noticed there’s been a bit of concern because all they’ve seen so far is a lot of action,” Cozzens continued.

“And that’s what made sense when we showed it at E3, we wanted to show action because it’s really quick and people can get into it really fast. But we do want tension, we want to have scary moments. We want those experiences you saw in Alien and Aliens, where there is a lot of suspense – you’re going down a hallway and it’s dark or it’s scary and you don’t know what’s going to be around the next corner – we want to have that in the game. Not just action, lots of Aliens coming at you. We want both.”

Cozzens also confirmed that the android-like Synthetics would most likely be showing up in the game.

True to the franchise indeed. Will Colonial Marines prove a fitting continuation of the franchise when it launches next year?