Zone of the Enders HD, Metal Gear HD Vita bound

While Konami figurehead Hideo Kojima suggested that both the Zoe of the Enders HD Collection and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection would be available on Vita at E3 this year, the man himself confirmed as much at Sony’s TGS presser today.

Kojima even brought with him a small teaser for the ZoE HD Collection, though it only featured a few clips of the anime from the second game. Transfarring (Kojima’s PS3 to Vita save data¬†transfer system) will be¬†also be included, but at the moment we’re left scratching our heads as to if this means that we’ll have to buy the collections twice to be able to play on both PS3 and Vita. If not, then awesome. If so… that’s kinda strange.

Also, the Metal Gear Collection won’t include Peace Walker, which is pretty disappointing. No word on if we’ll see the game around Vita’s launch or if it’ll be ready to go when the system launches, then.