Dead Island NA shipments at 1+ million

Debuting at number one on the UK’s weekly all-formats charts, Techland’s Dead Island seems to be doing well overseas as well; the game as sold-in over 1 million copies already, publisher Deep Silver has revealed.

The open-world zombie slasher “has held the #1 chart position in many global markets including the UK and France as well as on Steam,” the publisher further notes, “and will have sold 2 million units globally to retailers by the end of this week.”

“We’re thrilled at the retail reception Dead Island has achieved in its first few days,” said Geoff Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer at Deep Silver, “The critical ‘first week’ of game sales has been an enormous sales success for Deep Silver. We’re working quickly with our distribution partner in North America, Square Enix, to restock shelves as quickly as we can.”

Mike Fischer, president, CEO and clearly the funny one at Square Enix, adds: “With more than a million copies sold, I feel good knowing that the world is now more prepared than ever for what to do should a real zombie invasion ever threaten humanity.”