GTA IV hits 22 million shipped

While Activision’s Call of Duty series has provided some gargantuan sales tallies lately, there’s also another series that is a behemoth of a seller: Grand Theft Auto.

Speaking at ThinkEquity’s Growth conference recently (via IndustryGamers), Take-Two executive Strauss Zelnick revealed new shipment statistics for the GTA series, saying GTA IV has shipped a whopping 22 million units since launch in 2008. Additionally, Zelnick said GTA franchise shipments stand at a massive 114 million units to date.

To put that in perspective, GTA: San Andreas, the previous top franchise seller, shipped about 21.5 million units in its lifetime.

Zelnick also spat out other shipment statistics for Take-Two’s other big franchises. They are:

  • Midnight Club: 18.5 million
  • NBA2K: 17 million
  • Red Dead Redemption: 12.5 million
  • Civilization: 11 million
  • BioShock: 9 million
  • Carnival Games: 8 million
  • Max Payne: 7.5 million
  • Mafia: 5 million
  • Borderlands: 4.5 million
  • The Darkness: 1 million

Looking ahead, GTA V is supposedly due sometime in 2012. That’s mere conjecture at the moment, but one source says the game is “well under way.”