PayPal chosen for Diablo III,

Ever since Blizzard announced in-game auctions using real money would be available in Diablo III, it was only a matter of time that mysterious 3rd party handling the payouts would be made public. As of today, that 3rd party is PayPal. Imagine the surprise.

PayPal has proven to be one of the most reliable ways to send and receive money digitally over the past few years so, as stated before, it comes as no surprise the company was chosen as a partner. It’s also been reported that not only Diablo III will be adopting PayPal, but as well.

“Gamers want to focus on gaming and prefer an in-game payments solution that’s convenient, easy and secure,” said PayPal senior director of emerging opportunities Carey Kolaja. “Last month we told you that our research has shown that over 70 per cent of gamers are PayPal users, and we believe that’s because we understand that central principle. PayPal’s solution for digital goods will help enrich this experience by providing Blizzard’s audience in several regions of the world with another easy, convenient and safe way for making these purchases.”

And before anyone goes haywire about having to use real money to buy stuff in the highly-awaited RPG, gold-based auctions will still be a very viable purchase option.