Some Deus Ex DLC details revealed

It might not have been the augmentations that took Zumba off the charts, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution managed to do it anyway, and with good reason as it turned out to be one fantastic ride through the cyperpunk world of 2027. With The Missing Link DLC coming up, there’s hardly any reason for players to let go of Adam Jensen just yet. And here’s why…

On the official Eidos Montreal Tumblr site (yes, it does exist!), some questions about the DLC were answered, and while not revealing too much, it was arguably enough to keep fans engaged. Two new characters going by the names of Netanya Keitner and Pieter Burke will be introduced, the latter of whom is described to be “a high-ranking operative in Belltower Associates,” and “one mean son of a…” well, you know how it goes. In fact, you can listen to his voice in the teaser provided not too long ago.

We’re also informed about the possibility of playing the DLC without having to play through the game again as it will appear as a separate option on the main menu when installed. No need to hassle around with saves, then. Just dive right in and try out some promised new augmentations and weapons in a “new situation as the underdog.”

As for that “situation,” The Missing Link takes place in a so-called “compound” (two, actually) at a very particular point in the game in which Jensen drops off the grid and goes missing; hence the name. Whatever lead to that situation, and its outcome, is nothing we’ll be spoiling for anyone, but we’d recommend that if you just got into Deus Ex: Human Revolution and haven’t reached said point, be sure you do before playing The Missing Link. After all, it hasn’t been priced yet and it won’t be out until October giving you enough time to get your technologically enhanced body suited up for it. Not that it will make any difference… *teasing*

And yes, there will be and additional 250 achievement points/10 trophies to hunt for.