DICE not keen on 500+ devs

Activision has over 500 developers across seven different studios trying to keep the Call of Duty franchise the pinnacle of war-based first-person shooters, something DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson believes is not necessary to compete at the highest level.

“There’s no self purpose in having a certain amount of people working on a product,” said Troedsson when interviewed. “It’s more about what we want to try to build.”

“At DICE we’re about 200 people, something like that, and not everyone has been working on this product,” referring to Modern Warfare 3 challenger Battlefield 3. “It’s going to come down to what we want to do with the games in the future; maybe we need more bandwidth, so to say, from people – then we’ll continue growing and getting more people in.”

Added Troedsson: “I, personally, don’t believe in distributed development. I believe you can definitely make it work, but there’s a lot of other things that you lose by doing this – anything from the kind of culture that you want to keep within the company, to it’s going to be harder with ownership. And also, the more people you throw on a project, the less traction you get; you get more overhead, you get more red tape, and all these kind of things.”

Troedsson also reassured that while the studio is not announcing Mirror’s Edge 2 (what?!), it won’t let itself be tied down to the Battlefield franchise alone.

“At DICE we are naturally very very focused on making Battlefield games,” explained Troedsson. “I’m not talking about just Battlefield 3 of course. As a studio we’re also dedicated to making sure that we’re not only working on Battlefield games. It’s part of our strategy, so to say, that moving forward we want to look into making other games. By no means am I now confirming that we’re working on Mirror’s Edge, but it is our ambition is to work on other titles as well.”