PC’s BFBC2 patched tomorrow

The PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — indeed — is in for a new patch tomorrow. No later than 1 year and 6 months after the game’s launch.

The patch is a massive download (2.6GB) with all the previous updates rolled into it as well. New fixes include getting rid of a few memory leaks, adding performance improvements, and some other housekeeping.

Have a look at the full changelog below. For some more details, head to the official Battlefield blog here.

Removed some memory leaks
Fixed crashes when the game attempted to render lots of content (high detail, high FOV or multiple-monitor modes); this should particularly help multi-monitor users
Chat window no longer causes lag spikes
Chat window reworked opacity & visibility-time is controllable through settings in settings.ini
Clantag is remembered when using auto-login
Banner URLs can be up to 252 characters in length
SecuROM wrapper removed from non-Steam version
Minor performance enhancements
Reduced rubberbanding on servers with more than 24 active players
PrintScreen takes a screenshot, file stored in Documents\BFBC2\Screenshots directory