Battlefield 3 gets timed exclusive expansions on PS3

In the same spirit in which Activision favors the Xbox 360 with timed exclusive Call of Duty DLC, EA will be doing it with Battlefield 3 expansions on PlayStation 3, announced DICE just recently.

Reports say that while the content will not be exclusive for a month, such as any Call of Duty DLC is, they will in fact come out a week ahead on Sony’s console before arriving on the Xbox 360, starting with the pre-order incentive that is the Back to Karkand map pack.

This applies to “all full-blown upcoming expansion packs”; regular DLC seems unaffected.

Battlefield 3 hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on October 25th (US) and 28th (the rest). Mind you, the open beta starts as early as September 27th (early access) and 29th (for all).