From Software finds the best way to punish early Dark Souls players

Some naughty little imps have got their hands on early copies of Dark Souls in Japan. Aside from it being bad that people are playing pre-release, a headstart of this length could unbalance the game’s campaign-invading multiplayer element.

But rather than try and get all legal on these devils, developer From Software has chosen a much more inventive means of punishment. The developer has twisted the game’s invading mechanic on its head and sent┬ámax-level Black Phantoms into the worlds of those playing early. These bad boys boast 1900 HP and have all their stats raised to 99. Put simply, you won’t win against them.

We like this idea very much. It sort of makes us hope that Battlefield 3 breaks its street date and the entire team at DICE arrange a Team Deathmatch between them and early players.

Advice for the game’s October 4 US and October 7 EU release, then? If it comes through the mail early, don’t play it.