We’ll release DOTA 2 “as fast as we can” — Valve

When will DOTA 2 be released? As soon as possible, is the goal at Valve.

In an update on the game’s official blog, developer IceFrog explains how the studio’s original, “dumb” plan has changed.

“Our original plan was to spend the next year or so in beta, adding new features and slowly growing the number of heroes until we reached a level of parity with Dota 1, at which point we’d release Dota 2 to the world.

“But the feedback we’re seeing everywhere is that people just want to play it, even though there’s still a ton of heroes yet to be implemented. We’ve also seen that the folks who are already in the beta are chomping at the bit to show everyone else some of the fun games they’ve had. So we decided our original plan was dumb.

“Welcome to the new plan: We’re going to take the current version of Dota 2, which has The International set of heroes, and get it out there as fast as we can.”

As there’s still some work to be done, the game will remain invite-only for “a (hopefully short) period of time.” That said, players with access are given total freedom; “they can release screenshots, make movies, shoutcast matches, write guides, publicly make fun of our HUD, or anything else their hearts desire.”