Deus Ex ending simplified to make sure the game shipped

Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s complaints were few and far between, but while the infamous boss fights took most of the heat, the game’s disappointing ending also came under fire.

But as project lead Jean-Francois Dugas recently explained to Rock Paper Shotgun, the final section of the game had to be simplified in order to  “make sure that we could ship it.”

“There are two aspects to the ending,” Dugas said. “The first aspect has to do with the buttons. In the original design we did not want it to just be you facing four buttons and you just press one, end of story. We wanted the players to get involved in doing something more that would make the choice mean more in their minds, but again it was just a constraint of production at some point. We simplified the ending to make sure that we could do it, that we could ship it.”

Human Revolution suffered a few delays before its release at the end of August. But while Dugas admitted this may have disappointed fans, he believes that the actual endings were up to snuff: “That was the vision we had, and we fulfilled it. When I look at the endings and the feedback, it’s not unanimous that people hate them. Some players love them, other players feel disappointed because they just think ‘what happened next?'”

Personally, we were a bit letdown the game’s endings. What did you think?