Free CryEngine closing in on 500k downloads

Crytek’s proprietary game engine, CryEngine 3, was made available for free as recently as last month but has since then marked a whooping 430,000 downloads, with around 100,000 of those achieved the first week alone. And there’s a reason for it, as described by Crytek co-founder Anvi Yerli.

“It’s great news for us, and it seems like global coverage, not just Europe-heavy,” said Yerli. “It’s being picked up equally across the US, Europe and Asia,” adding that “while we have been contacted by a lot of game developers, we also have people from outside gaming that want to use the engine.”

Since we’re not talking millions here, yet, many might find 430k to be somewhat of an underwhelming figure, but it’s anything but. To put that number into perspective, consider the fact that when Epic Games released the Unreal Engine for free back in 2009, it hit the 50k mark in its first week of availability, just recently hitting 800,000. Two years later.

Anyone looking to develop a commercial PC project will have to pay a license for the engine, though, as is customary. The appeal of CryEngine 3, as Crytek sees it, is that the company will only take a 20%of revenue from any project developed using the SDK, which leaves an 80% for, well, you.

Said Yerli, “we hope indies will have great ideas and use the engine and we can’t wait to see them make really innovate games. That’s going to be really fun.”