Gears 3 leaderboard hints at future DLC

When three unannounced maps made an appearance on the Gears of War 3 leaderboard, a reasonable thought would be, “hey, leaked DLC stuff,” right? That’s what we thought too, only the maps are inaccessible at this time. In addition, there’s actually no proof of them being part of any DLC whatsoever, and neither will there be until official word spreads around the internet like wildfire. Because it will, you can be sure of that.

The names of the three maps are Rustlung, Azura, and Blood Drive. But as we said, there has been no confirmation, nor denial, that these will be integrated into the multiplayer as part of the upcoming downloadable content pack, set for a November release. And taking into account Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski’s talk about making “unique and cool” DLC, we’re not sure they’re going to be, at all.

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