Arkham City on PC “more richly realized,” worth the wait — Rocksteady

PC gamers upset with the recent delay of Batman: Arkham City should turn those frowns upside down, Rocksteady game director Sefton Hill says; the mouse and keyboard versions sounds very much like the version to go for. And it’s said to be worth the wait.

“If you do have a super powerful high-end PC, you are going to see higher detail textures,” Hill’s explained. “You are going to see a more richly realised world.”

Being the good PR bloke he is, Hill adds: “But having said that, given there are so many console gamers in there, we’re always fine-tuning to get the game to run super smooth on Xbox and PS3. The console versions look great as well.”

Still, PC will always have the edge: “All of the source textures and assets are done at a very very high res and we make them work on all the different SKUs. People will really love the PC version when it comes out.

“The wait will definitely be worth it. The PC version has just been pushed back, but it’s only by a couple of weeks, so hopefully no-one will be too upset about it. We’re working as hard as we can to get it out as soon as we can.”

The launch window for the PC version is just “November” for now. No specific dates yet.