Dead Space 3 set on ice planet, will bring back a familiar face — rumor

The first Dead Space 3 details, including a change in setting, have possibly been revealed. There are a few spoilers below, though these are the kind of things EA would reveal themselves pre-launch, so read on.

Siliconera’s citing trusted sources, saying the third game will see Isaac crash on Tau Volantis, an ice planet, apparently swapping the pitch black corridors for blinding light.

He’ll eventually run into other survivors, including Ellie, a character from Dead Space 2. The pair plus another survivor are at one point said to scale a mountain in whiteout conditions, hearing what will no doubt be creepy howls from below.

No details on who or what the enemy is this time around, only that Isaac will be up against “the hive mind.”

All in all, just a few bits and pieces of info. Though we have to admit, the change in settings is a bold one if it all ends up being accurate.