Witcher studio shooting for shorter development cycles

The next game from The Witcher series developer CD Projekt should be with us in less than 4 years. That’s how long it took the studio to ship The Witcher 2, however, as time passes, the developer is becoming more and more efficient.

“We’re gaining experience, our technology is becoming more and more complete every week, every month,” studio director Adam Badowski said in a recent interview.

“And we’re definitely looking for ways to optimize and reduce development time. It’s no secret that we’re constantly hiring. Our team will soon number one hundred, of which almost 10% come from outside of Poland.”

With that in mind, Badowski continues, “our next game should take us less time to create overall.”

“Of course, other factors will come into play. If, for example, we decide to produce an expansion, that may slow the process down a bit.”

Right not the studio’s also finishing up te Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2, due to ship in early 2012. As for the rest of the year, Badowski leaves fans with a proper tease, saying it “should be no less interesting than this year was in terms of the news we reveal.”