Skiing once planned for SSX, may still happen

EA originally had plans to include skiing in its upcoming SSX reboot, wouldn’t you know it. The idea was short-lived though, it seems, as such a move would have doubled “the number of carving, grinding and trick animations in the game,” according to EA Sports’ David McDonag.

“Skiing was actually a feature that was a part of our initial design plans,” he says. “But it was something that we had to cut awhile back given our production timelines for the game.”

SSX is a snowboarding, not a skiing game, he adds: “splitting our focus here would result in far less unique trick content, which is really important to our fans.”

Skiing may still make it into the game as post-launch downloadable content, but again, nothing is set in stone: “decisions for what our final DLC plans look like won’t happen for awhile.”

The game’s out for PS3 and 360 early next year.