The Old Republic to launch with achievements

Earning achievements/trophies/badges for performing certain predetermined actions within videogames has become the standard, with even Star Wars: The Old Republic joining in the fun. However, unlike other games, the upcoming BioWare MMO isn’t going to reward players for doing off the wall things like one-handed push-ups in front of three different models of droids. Yet.

Daniel Erickson, The Old Republic’s lead writer, has said achievements will be included in the launch version of the game, but they will be “version 1 of the achievement system.” Clarifying, he goes on to say the achievements at launch which won’t be the “crazy achievements that you have to place everywhere, that are like, ‘Hey if you drink 6 beers and fart in a cantina,'” but instead will focus on players doing “big, heroic stuff” within the game’s optional content. The first version of the achievement system is essentially to say, “Hey, here’s my bragging rights, here’s the bad ass stuff I did in-game.”

For those who just have to earn something by doing the chicken dance in front of a cantina, Erickson does admit further progression within The Old Republic’s achievement system, saying people need a reason to “go back to planets and run around and do that other stuff, so that will come second.”