David Cage aiming for another PS3 exclusive

With over 2 million copies of Heavy Rain sold to this day, which is quite a lot considering the lack of multiplayer, Quantic Dream boss David Cage doesn’t seem to be giving it a second thought; his next game will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, just as Heavy Rain was. Is.

“I really like Sony, honestly I do,” said Cage. “They’ve made some bets with developers like Fumito Ueda and Media Molecule. I kind of feel loyal to them.”

He explained, or rather teased, that while the new game would be built on the “foundations of Heavy Rain,” he says it will be “something exciting, something different,” hopefully driving the game “forward in a very, very different way.”

“I could make Heavy Rain 2,” added Cage, “but I’ve said what I’ve had to say about it.” That he has.

Cage’s admiration for Sony’s console and the company itself goes beyond making exclusives for them. In fact, if Sony approached Cage with an acquisition proposition, he wouldn’t mind becoming part of the family. And who wouldn’t? It’s not like having Media Molecule and Sucker Punch (among others) as brothers would be a bad thing.

“The industry now is in a position where studios need constant support. It’s not like we need help, but we want to compete.”