Deus Ex: Human Revolution bonus packs available for PC

To be clear… the DLC coming out next month for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, The Missing Link, this is not. These bonus packs we’re talking about were the ones included in the game for those of you who pre-ordered it; the Explosive Mission Pack and Tactical Enhancement Pack. These two bonus packs have just been released on Steam for the PC version of the game, available to download for those who did, in fact, not pre-order the game.

As explained on Steam’s website, the Explosive Mission PackĀ unlocks a “bonus mission, grenade launcher, remote-detonated explosive device and the automatic unlocking device.” The Tactical Enhancement Pack unlocks a “double-barrel shotgun, silenced sniper rifle, and 10,000 extra in-game credits.”

You can get them separately or in a bundle pack. Your choice.