Foo Fighters heading to BlizzCon

We’re not robots, y’know – sometimes we do occasionally put the controller down and do something else. When we’re tired of deafening ourselves with the screams of pain, bullets and explosions we take a break and deafen ourselves with heavy rock music instead.

But rock and gaming will combine into a potent mix of geekish joy next month as the music giants that are the Foo Fighters play out this year’s BlizzCon. Dave Grohl and co will headline the final show of the event. We could always tell from the long hair and frankly quite¬†disgusting¬†amounts of sweat that the band churn out during a live performance that they’re pretty big geeks. We like that.

If this has turned any heads about attending this year’s con then, bad news, it’s already sold out. But you can still pick up a Virtual Ticket that will include comprehensive live coverage of the entire showing, including the Foo’s performance. So there’s that.