I Am Alive headed to XBLA, PSN this winter

Ubisoft has been teasing us with I Am Alive for quite awhile now, with a killer trailer followed by silence and then rumors/denials of the game going the digital route. Now, the developer has confirmed the survival focused third-person game will indeed be available “sometime this winter” – on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where no one knows exactly what has happened and merely refers to the calamity as the “Event,” I Am Alive follows a typical everyday man’s life as he searches for his wife and daughter who were lost in the disaster. A year passes and Mr. Everyman finds his way back to a ruined Haventon – his hometown – and discovers life has fallen to pieces there as well, with ruined buildings and residents forced to survive by any means available.

I Am Alive is set to challenge players by presenting “complex and emotional situations” where decisions have to be made and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The game will also feature stamina and resource management that must be taken into account when scaling buildings and looking for survival supplies. Mr. Everyman will also be required to fend off enemies during his explorations using a combat system that uses intimidation as a factor in AI actions, with the weaker bad guys running from an empty gun while others will beat players to death with that same gun.

The official trailer is below, watch and see how this winter will be spent.