Trademark reveals Yakuza: Dead Souls

Selling in excess of 400,000 units since release, Yakuza Of The End has performed quite well in Japanese markets, especially since they are not known for their love for all things zombie. The US and UK, however, have been having a love affair with the walking/running/mutated dead these past few years, something Sega is set to take advantage of with Yakuza: Dead Souls, a localized version of the Japanese release.

The information was uncovered through a trademark filed in the European Union, so nothing official has been released as of yet but, if Dead Souls follows in the footsteps of previous Yakuza titles, the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 3. With Yakuza 4 recently released outside of Japan, Dead Souls would be a departure from the series’ winning formula of a straight up third-personer by adding zombie terror into the mix.

We’ll wait and see what Sega has to say but, if the trademark is accurate, I can’t wait to blast some deadies in what’s left of their faces in this game.