NIS at work on new PS3-exclusive

While third-party exclusive support has withered away this generation for the most part, Nippon Ichi Software, publishers of the Disgaea series, have clung tight to Sony’s PS3 and PSP.

It’s no surprise, then, to hear that the company’s latest title, Majo to Hyakkihei (translated to The Witch and a Hundred Soldiers) will be a PS3-exclusive JRPG.

Now, we expect the unexpected from these guys, but our jaws dropped with awesome the moment we heard that the titular witch is in fact named Metallica. She’s not the main character though, rather  it’s the Hyakkihei part of the name that we’ll control. The action-centric RPG will come complete with the usual sweep of side-quests and boss battles that will undoubtedly end relationships and cause sackings.

A teaser site for the game can be found here. It should launch in Japan in spring 2012, but there’s no word on a Western release just yet. Sad face.