BioWare takes input, not orders from EA

Even through it’s a part of the EA machine now, Dragon Age and Mass Effect house BioWare continues to make its own decisions, its founding doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeshuk have shared.

“We still have huge autonomy in terms of what we do,” said Zeschuk while chatting with Eurogamer. “We’re not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input.” The belief to the contrary, he adds, is “not actually remotely true.”

EA must still approve the studio’s projects but, as Zeschuk joked, “it’s like, OK, are you not going to green-light Mass Effect 3? Like, really?” It doesn’t sound like they have much trouble convincing, well, anyone.

A quick example given is the start of the spacey franchise; “When we start out to make something, it’s almost pre-green-lit,” Zeschuk said. “When Ray and I sat down with Casey [Hudson] to do Mass Effect, we all kind of said, ‘Hey let’s make a space game.’ And Casey said, ‘Yeah, well I want to make it a space opera.’


“That was the green light.”

EA recently turned BioWare into a label. More on that here.