Hardcore mode for Hitman: Absolution

I think I hate myself.  Somehow throughout this generation of consoles I’ve brought myself to completing Demon’s Souls twice, Dead Space 2‘s Hardcore Mode, Metal Gear Solid 4‘s Big Boss Emblem, and the controller-wrecking nightmare that is Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran.

I’m a glutton for punishment, clearly, which is why I’m super-happy to learn that Hitman: Absolution will be sporting a Hardcore mode for series veterans when it releases on PC, PS3 and 360. This mode will ask for true stealth from the player, executing professional, well-timed hits. No more putting on a police uniform and then emptying a payload of bullets into your target’s stomach in plain sight, then.

The game’s lead producer Hakan Abrak told Eurogamer about how this mode might play out in relation to trophies and achievements. “We will get into more details at a later point, but obviously it’s linked to the playing style,” he explained.

“It’s more pacify your enemies, be undetected, maybe solve the challenges in a smarter way. That will probably give you a stealth assassin achievement.

“We have a lot of difficulty levels in the game as well. Rest assured, the hardcore fans that like to have replayablity value in the game or want to have this stealth assassin – you know, I’m the ultimate stealth assassin – that playing style, those achievements, are very much in the game.

“There’s a huge replayability value in it and we have some features in the game I cannot speak about that will enhance this and make this easier, and heighten the replayability value for the hardcore players as well.”

When asked if the mode would have a special name, Abrak replied: “Yeah, it has a very special name. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to please the hardcore fans. I can’t say what it is.”

As long as it doesn’t ask me to do the entire game in three saves, complete it without losing any health, or without throwing 20 grenades into my lap for every sudden movement (I’m looking at you, Treyarch), I can imagine my sanity will stay intact.