Naughty Dog on PS3: there’s “plenty yet to coax out of the machine”

Making sure we have something to look forward to, Naughty Dog’s lead game designer Richard Lemarchand has said there is still more the studio can squeeze out of the PlayStation 3 hardware.

“I think there absolutely are more places we can go with the PlayStation 3, even though Naughty Dog famously said we were starting to take full advantage of the capabilities of the machine with Uncharted 2,” he’s told

Next month’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Lemarchand adds, will show that “there’s plenty yet to coax out of the machine” still.

“In terms of the volumetric lighting, the way that light now spatially fills an area so a moving body – say, a character – passes in front of it the God rays that are cast around the character look like something we haven’t seen before, even on current gen systems.

“There’s lots of technology that we’ve innovated with just for this game, like our dynamic water simulation for the sea – just as a for instance, one of the dozens of things that we’ve done. I think that because of the way that the cell processor works and the unique architecture of the PlayStation 3 – just as with the PS2, and the very late generation games on that console.”

Plenty to keep an eye out for come early November, then, and beyond.